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Grain Bowls
Choice of grain base: quinoa or garlic Japanese rice
Taco Mexx Chicken
Tempura Fish Kimchi
Pork Belly Miso

Grilled Toasties
Classic Grilled Cheese
Pepperoni Pizzazz
Smoked Bacon Blues
Truffle Shroom Pesto

Healthy Eats
Kara Super Salad
Chicken & Avo Salad
Sesame Soba Bowl

Hearty Pastas
Creamy Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Carbonara
Asian Beef Ragu Linguine
Seafood Fusilli with Mushroom, Cream Cheese and Shichimi 

Substantial Mains
Crispy Battered Mentaiko Fish
Braised Beef with Roasted Potatoes and Quinoa
Soy-glazed Salmon with Kimchi Fried Rice

Kara Homemade Soup
Korean Wings
Truffle Cheese Tots
Okonomiyaki Cheese Tots